Top-Notch Summer Entertaining Tips

Top-Notch Summer Entertaining Tips

June 10, 2022

Summer can be a hectic time, with kids home from school, camps, vacations, and more littering the itinerary. So hosting a summertime soiree can be challenging—but it doesn’t have to be. Just plan ahead a little, and use the creative tips below to get some easy ideas that will make your get-together memorable!


Premix a variety of summer beverages, and pour single servings into Mason jars. Serve the sealed jars in large metal tubs filled with ice to keep them cool. Make signs for the tubs, like “for the adults” and “for the kids,” and then label the individual jars with their ingredients.


Use large glass cookie jars with lids, rather than exposed bowls, for serving your salads and spoon-served sides. This will keep the bugs out in a stylish way and give your guests a closer look at the contents of each dish.


Create a “summer station” that includes items like sunscreen, extra sunglasses, bug spray, flip-flops, a first aid kit, and anything else that will make your guests feel more comfortable.


Set out a basket of pretty umbrellas for an on-the-spot place for shade or shelter from an unexpected shower.


Collect mismatched glass bottles, and use them as vases. Pair them up in clusters of different sizes, and place a variety of flowers inside.


Place a cupcake liner over the top of a Mason jar and secure with the lid ring. Poke a straw through the liner and you have a decorative way to keep bugs out of your drink.


Create a simple outdoor photo display. For the photos, gather inexpensive frames in a variety of sizes, and spray paint them in bright colors. Hang each frame from a tree branch with two pieces of thick ribbon (one on each side of the frame) at a variety of heights to be suitable for both kids and adults.


Keep guests cool with towelettes soaked in a mixture of water, lemon juice, and mint leaves. Put the towels on ice so they stay cool, and wring them out before distributing to guests.



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